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Address is
4939 E US Highway 60, Rogersville, MO
East on 60 1.5 miles east of 65
North on J 
Immediate left behind Titan Propane
417 895 8733
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"John really helped my wife and I understand why our dog acts certain ways and how to react to certain situations. We really feel like John gave us the tools to train our Yorkie into a dog we can be proud of. The socialization classes were amazing. Elvis (our yorkie) is now able to play with dogs of all sizes. The socialization classes also helped Elvis with being calm during our walks when we would encounter other animals and people. Thanks John!!

John just finished with a visit to our house and in just a short time, our Yorkie learned better behavior: no barking at doorbell, no jumping on visitors, riding calmly in the car, etc. The session was very good for the Yorkie as well as his owners. We highly recommend John; his knowledge is great."
"John really wants owning a dog to be a good experience for the owner and the dog. He is amazing with the dogs, and teaches you about dog psychology so you understand why your dog behaves the way he does. My 6 week class was a very educational experience. He is willing to spend extra time outside of class with your dog, and socializing your dog with his dogs. A highly recommend John."

"John worked with our 3 dogs; a hyper bird dog, a cranky 9 year-old terrier, and a newly adopted blind dog. We were having problems with dominance issues, wild behavior, and them accepting the blind dog without hurting her. John identified the hyper dog from outside the house by his bark, and had Toby minding him from the moment John walked in the door. We were amazed. Life in our pack has been so much better since. John does a great job and I would highly recommend him."

"Thanks John, my dog has had such a great response from your training!! We have had absolutely no issues with chewing up my shoes or housebreaking since you helped us. I am SO happy, you are very good at what you do :-)"

"John spent a few hours with Dexter, and taught me some techniques on how to handle his energy. After two days I have noticed a huge change. I am able to have people over to my house and not worry about Dexter biting or being overbearing. Amazing trainer!!!"

"John did an excellent job with our Rott puppy. He came to our home which is an 1 1/2 trip from Springfield, on time and addressed the issues we were having, quickly and effectively. We recommend him highly. A true professional and very gifted with dog behavior."

"Our dog, ShyLo, just returned from a week with John and his pack. Wow, it's absolutely amazing the change in ShyLo. She's so much calmer; almost like she's taken a tranquilizer. I can't believe it. ShyLo was anxious about everything and at times aggressive toward other dogs and people. We will continue to use the training that John taught us so ShyLo (and Fred) can have a calm enjoyable life. John is such a wonderful , patient, knowledgeable, trainer; I believe he can handle any issue with any dog. Thank you John, we are so thankful for you and your help with ShyLo."

"John - I have 2 things to say....I am eternally grateful for your help in getting our dogs to where they're compatible in such a short time span. My wife and I are extremely impressed with your dog handling skill level. Second, I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is experiencing dog behavioral issues. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks again!"

"In one visit, John gave us enough information to have hope of having a harmonious family with our two new adoptee dogs who were not getting along. We have no idea of their history & what they have each gone through in life. But, we are quickly gaining alpha status, confidence & resolve of the dominance problems. John is wonderful!!! We highly recommend him."

"After just minutes with John, we could tell he really knew what he was doing. He fully understands dogs' psychology and how they create a pecking order within their packs. Ares was already good, but now he is on the path to becoming the perfect dog!"

"John just left our house a few minutes ago.. I am amazed at out how much the dogs learned while he was here. I never thought that teaching dogs was this easy! My little Yorkie/Schnauzer puppy has never been for a walk, after her little temper tantrum (that lasted about 1 minute) I was in disbelief at how well she was doing! Not only were there distractions (children playing, cars, squirrels, etc..) She thoroughly enjoyed herself! Both her and my long haired Chihuahua were so mentally drained when we returned that they slept until John left! John is very professional and knows what he's talking about. I felt like I was on one of those dog training shows on Animal Planet! I will recommend John to anyone who has any kind of dog problems."

"John spent Saturday afternoon with our Westie pup and family helping us all understand training techniques and explaining the how and also the why dogs respond the way they do to various commands and situations. John's people skills working with our children were as impressive as his skills working with our pup. John's knowledge and experience coupled with his positive, down-to-earth personality make him easy to recommend at the highest level."

"John came to our home and helped with our three dogs. He was very good with them and all the information he gave me has been invaluable! It was interesting the way the dogs immediately responded to him, and I am learning to be a "good pack leader". Thanks so much!"

"John has been an amazing help with our two adoptees. One never knows the history of an adopted pet, so he has provided great insight to his observations & how to correct the unwanted behavior. Our newest almost killed our daughter's dog. After some work with John, he is our best behaved dog. Our JRT had great anxiety. John included her in his pack for a week. She came home with a much more calm personality. We have incorporated his practices into our daily lives with the dogs. Utilizing his recommendations, our walks with the dogs is actually pleasant. John comes highly recommended by us!!!"

"We were amazed at the immediate progress John achieved with our Giant Schnauzer, Remy. John has a unique talent for communicating with dogs and very quickly "trained" us so that we could get the same results he was getting with Remy. We believe John is Springfield's Dog Whisperer and recommend his talent and skill to anyone needing to spruce up their dog's behavior. Thanks, John!"

"My alaskan malamute would get extremely excited when people would visit. When John came over he had him calm, laying on his side within 30 seconds of walking in the door and it hasn't been a problem since. When we would go on walks my dog would try to pull me the whole time, like malamutes are bred to, and after John taught me some techniques, it only took 3 walks to get him to follow the whole time without pulling. It really is incredible, how quickly and easily my dog's issues were fixed, thanks to John."

"A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! My husband and I were so impressed with John and his training techniques. We work with rescues and currently have a large pack of dogs at our house and at times it can become pretty overwhelming. Within minutes of him entering our home he had our dogs quiet and under control. He is so knowledgeable and taught us so much in just this one session. I have a border collie that has dominance and fear issues she is just barely a year old I was told that I would not be able to change these behaviors in her and that I should put her down. In 30 minutes John had her walking beside him on a leash without a muzzle. I am so thankful I called him. We have a lot of work ahead of us but am so excited to see the outcome. Thanks you so much!"

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