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The Scarlet Diaries Continued:
Scarlet Diaries Continued:
The Scarlet Diaries
Scarlet Diaries
The Scarlet Diaries


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The Scarlet Diaries Continued:

Scarlet Diaries Continued:

The Scarlet Diaries

...the Scarlet Diaries continued

Mar 16, 2014
Again I was stopped from bringing a stick into the house. My human is allowed to throw his cloths everywhere and leaves his toys all over the tables and floor, but I cant bring one delicious stick into the house. I have stashed
a few by the door and will attempt to bring one when he is playing fetch with Lexi.

Mar17, 2014
I understand that my human does not want me to bring a stick in, but now I cannot bring my toys out. This is tyranny! They are my toys and I should be able to do what I wish with them.

Scarlet Diaries

The Scarlet Diary...continued

March 12, 2014
Why does my human keep throwing the ball? He is so lazy and expects me to get it every time. I do enjoy the look on his face when I bring it back to him, but this craziness cannot go on forever! Doesnt he know American Idol is on at 7?

March 13, 2014
My human came home smelling like another dog again today. He even had a muddy paw print on his pant leg. What a jerk!

March 14, 2014
Why does my human keep lighting that candle? It is such a disgusting smell.

The Scarlet Diaries

The Scarlet Diaries:  This is a list of memoirs that I found in my bulldog Scarlets Diary. Enjoy!

Feb 14, 2014
My human came home with chicken nuggets tonight. It looked like he had too many for just him , so I offered my assistance by posing politely in my best sitting position. It looked as though my efforts woul
d be in vain as I watched the nuggets rapidly disappear, so I pulled out my best move and laid my head on his knee and stared into his eyes. Needless to say, I wolfed down the last 2 nuggets while enjoying an ear rub .
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